Ceramic tile creates dramatic first impressions. Even a modest area, indoors or out, can come to life with the colors and textures of tile – making ceramic tile one of the savviest design investments

Ceramic tile is not just for kitchens or bathrooms. It is a luxurious option for creating a beautiful living or work environment. Here are some reasons why you should choose ceramic tile for your next project:

1.  Best Value - Ceramic tile adds value to any building, needs almost no maintenance, and costs less per square foot than other permanent and long-use flooring options.

2.  Design Capability - Today’s selection of tile offers a limitless palette of textures, colors, shapes, and styles to create custom expressions.

3.  Rich Artistic Heritage - Conveying elegance, tranquility, and spirituality, tile has adorned our great buildings through the ages. You can connect to that cultural heritage through the richness of tile.

4.  Durability - Ceramic tile, properly selected and installed, maintains its original qualities and lasts longer than other flooring options.

5.  Water Resistance - Not only can installations of ceramic tile be waterproof, some tiles are designed to provide better traction, making ceramic tile a perfect choice for swimming pools, showers, patios, and other wet areas.

6.  Low Maintenance - Ceramic tile is practically maintenance-free, as it resists dirt and stains and requires little effort to maintain.

7.  Fade Resistance - The color of ceramic tile does not fade in sunlight like the dyes used in other floor finishes.

8.  Indoor Air Quality - Ceramic tile inherently has no VOC emissions as it was fired at very high temperatures. The resulting final product is virtually inert, with no off-gassing.

9.  Fire Resistance - Ceramic tile is non-combustible and does not give off toxic fumes when exposed to fire.

10.  Outdoor Use - Fade resistance, frost resistance, durability, enhanced traction and cleanability are all attributes that make ceramic tile the perfect choice for exterior applications.

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